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  • Includes Credits Includes a Live In-Person Event on 09/13/2022 at 8:00 AM (PDT)

    The Center for Excellence operation certification workshop empowers home health leaders with the education, training, and certification they need to grow their agency with integrity. Industry experts developed a program to give you all the tools you need for operational excellence with a goal of patient-centered care. Develop an effective framework to support your agencies' mission and purpose. The patients committed to your care will experience a better outcome with your enhanced knowledge and streamlined process.

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  • These standards are applicable to the licensure survey for Wisconsin Home health agencies.

  • In this brief but informative session you will be provided with the most cited deficiencies, for both the CHAP standard and the CoP G Tags. Our speaker, Sharon Litwin, will review what the Standards are as well as what your agency can do to ensure compliance. Some top 10 deficiencies are in Patient Rights, Individualized Plan of Care, Infection Control, Written information to the patient, and more!

  • CHAP Home Health Standards with corresponding California specific regulation for Home Health agencies pursuing licensure.

  • CLICK TO DOWNLOAD Home Health Standards applicable to all home health agencies and Medicaid home health providers in states that require compliance with the Medicare Home Health Conditions of Participation

Home Health Resources

  • Top Ten Home Health Deficiencies Cited in 2021
    This tool is a guide to organizations reflecting the top ten findings that were cited for Home Health organizations in 2021. The tool provides the CHAP standard, a summary of the standard content and tips to address areas of non-compliance. This tool is periodically updated.
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  • Home Health Policy Checklist Rev 3/2022
    This tool provides the user with the policies required through either the CHAP Standards of Excellence and/or the Home Health Conditions of Participation. The tool provides the standard nomenclature, the content required, and the correlating CMS tag.
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