Home Health Standards & Courses

  • Home Health Accreditation Intensive (San Diego, CA)

    Includes a Live In-Person Event on 02/03/2022 at 11:30 AM (EST)

    CHAP is excited to offer our customers a West Coast option for our Accreditation Intensive! This event is for all of our customers regardless of what stage you are in of the accreditation process.

  • California Home Health Licensure Standards of Excellence v.2.2.0

    CHAP Home Health Standards with corresponding California specific regulation for Home Health agencies pursuing licensure.

  • Home Health Proposed Rule 2021

    This webinar conducted in conjunction with 5-Star Consultants reviews the 2021 Proposed Home Health Rule including the new Infusion Therapy provision. CHAP's Infusion Therapy Nursing Standards have been approved by CMS. This overview provides to providers details needed to be able to move forward with a reimbursable infusion program under Medicare. CHAP is ready to assist any provider who wishes to know more after reviewing the information. Please contact us at 202-862-3413 and "press 2" or email us at info@chapinc.org

  • CHAP Home Health Standards of Excellence v.2.2.0

    CLICK TO DOWNLOAD Home Health Standards applicable to all home health agencies and Medicaid home health providers in states that require compliance with the Medicare Home Health Conditions of Participation

Home Health Resources

  • Top Ten Home Health Deficiencies Cited in 2020
    This tool is a guide to organizations reflecting the top ten findings that were cited for Home Health organizations in 2020. The tool provides the CHAP standard, a summary of the standard content and tips to address areas of non-compliance. This tool is periodically updated.
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  • Home Health Policy Checklist
    This tool provides the user with the policies required through either the CHAP Standards of Excellence and/or the Home Health Conditions of Participation. The tool provides the standard nomenclature, the content required, and the correlating CMS tag.
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