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  • Hospice Blanket Waiver as of June 2020
    Webinar explanation of the Hospice Blanket Waivers with the CHAP standards that are involved, as well as, the corresponding CMS regulation.
  • Home Health CMS Blanket Waiver as of June 2020
    This webinar addresses the Blanket Waivers for Home Health in effect from March 1 through the date of webinar publication on June 17th. Waivers updated after June 17th are not included in this webinar. The webinar provides information on the waiver, the CHAP Standard and CMS regulation impacted by the waiver and tips for compliance.
  • PPE- Ideal versus Real - Addressing COVID-19 Now and in the Future
    This is the second of two CHAP sponsored infection control webinars. This presentation reviews the ideal use of personal protective equipment and presents alternate practices related to the shortage of PPE during the COVID-19 crisis.
  • Preventing Transmission of COVID-19 in the Home
    Mary McGoldrick shares infection control practices and common compliance issues related to hand hygiene, bag technique and disinfection in the home to prevent the transmission of COVID-19.
  • Dealing with the Effects of COVID-19 in the Hospice Inpatient Setting
    This recorded webinar provides guidance related to caring for patients with COVID-19 in the Hospice Inpatient Setting.
  • COVID-19 Regulatory &Financial Relief Measures for Home Health and Hospice
    A detailed review of the Home Health and Hospice waivers published on 3/30/2020. Education includes regulatory waivers, as well as, financial relief measures.
  • Where We Are in Preparedness to Address COVID-19
    This webinar addresses the different components of an emergency preparedness plan to ensure readiness to respond to the COVID-19 crisis.
  • Our First COVID-19 Patient- Now What?
    Webinar to address the steps to be taken when preparing to accept COVID-19 referrals.

COVID-19 Documents

  • COVID-19 Conference Call May 6 2021
    This document is updated weekly with information gleaned from CMS, CDC , and other reliable sources of up-dated information related to COVID-19. The new information each week is printed in red to allow the reader to identify the newest information.
  • COVID-19 Vaccine FAQ's - Employee
    This FAQ document provides answers to questions that may be posed by employees related to the COVID-19 vaccine. Adapted from CDC.
  • COVID-19 vaccine FAQ - Employer
    This FAQ provides answers to questions that employers may have related to the COVID-19 vaccination. Adapted from CDC.
  • COVID-19 Focused Infection Control Audit Tool
    This is an infection control audit tool specific to assess an organization's practice to address COVID-19. The tool evaluates operational processes, agency location processes and field processes. The resource for the tool is CMS QSO memo: QSO-21-08-NLTC.
  • What You Should Know about COVID Vaccination as Healthcare Staff
    COVID vaccination is on everyone's mind and is ever present with changes in information frequently. This one page document will aid you and your staff to be ready to supply answers to other staff, patients. and their families.
  • COVID19 Conference Call FAQ November 19 with Vaccination Information
    This document is an ongoing FAQ since March 2020 to address the continual changes in addressing the pandemic. The new information of the week is written in red to enable all to view it quickly. This week an additional resource has been added to provide Healthcare workers with information related to COVID-19 vaccination in order to answer potential questions they may be asked.
  • Work Restriction Guidance for Health Care Staff with Exposure to Individual with Confirmed or Suspected COVID-19
    This resource is a tool to guide leadership of all community based service providers to make work restriction decisions in the event a staff member has been exposed to someone with confirmed or suspected COVID-19. CDC resource links are included.
  • Flu/COVID-19/Common cold Infographic
    This infographic provides a summary of symptoms similarities and differences between COVID-19, the Flu and a common cold. In addition, typical treatment is provided and potential complications related to each are shared. This is not meant to be medical advice but a starting point in identifying symptomatology.

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