DMEPOS Standards of Excellence v.1.0.0

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This  version of DMEPOS standards are presented in the new CHAP format and represent the CMS DMEPOS Quality Standards and those standards critical to the delivery of quality patient care. No longer will CHAP DMEPOS suppliers be expected to maintain compliance with two sets of standards (Core and DMEPOS). Everything an organization needs is combined into one set of standards applicable to all suppliers, and 3 chapters specific to the delivery of specialized respiratory, mobility devices and prosthetics and orthotics. These revised Manual was developed in partnership  with a DMEPOS Council of CHAP accredited peers. The Council's focus was reasonable operational processes to guide staff behavior and organizational requirements that support knowledgeable and competent staff delivering quality patient care. This revised DMEPOS standards are effective for all site visits that occur on or after January 1, 2022.

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