1. What is the value of CHAP Education Courses and Programs? 

CHAP Education Helps You:
- Increase clinical competence & improvements specific to regulatory requirements, CHAP Standards & other metrics.
- Add credibility for quality improvement & consistency of services.
- Provide a continuing education/professional development benefit for employees as a recruitment & retention strategy.
- Promote staff engagement across the organization.
- Support your team’s overall knowledge with courses on leadership, HIPAA, workplace issues, communication & more.

2. How do I login to the CHAP Education site? 

You can log in to CHAP Education with your CHAP LinQ username and password, by clicking on the "Log In" button in the upper left hand corner of the screen.
If you do not have a CHAP LinQ username and password or do not remember your username and password just click on the "Log In" button in the upper left hand corner of the screen and follow the prompts for “Register for CHAP Education" or “Forgot Password".
(NEW USER TIP: When you register for CHAP Education you will be sent an activation e-mail. Once you have clicked to activate your account direct your browser to CHAP Education before attempting to log in)

3. What if my computer or device doesn't allow me to connect to the live webinar? 

First, test your computer's capabilities at least 30 minutes before you log into a live event to make sure that your computer is properly set up to view the webinar. You will find a "Test" link on each product page that contains a live event. You will be able to access the live event directly from the product page found in your "Dashboard" page.
Web and Streaming Audio Test
You will be viewing the Web Seminar via web, and listening via streaming audio (through your computer's speakers), Test your web browser and your computer's audio system.
For other questions or you still have issues connecting about live webinars, email

4. How do I obtain CE credit for the webinar(s)? 

Completion of both the webinar and evaluation is required to obtain contact hours. Webinars may vary in the time frames to obtain contact hours, so please make note of the expiration date(s). 
For any other questions about CHAP education products, CE requirements and the registration process, please email